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The ARMOblox bigifigure is designed with 14 parts, including the omni-connector!
The awesomeness that is a part of an ARMOblox set of blocks, is built into the design of this fig! This allows any side of the head of our bigifigure to be changed out for a different piece. As we design new bigifigures, you will be able to mix and match different faces/hair/ears/etc to make interesting characters. Think of it as the Mr. Potato Head of minifigs.

New design          Bigger          More interchangeable

Package Design​​
Every ARMOblox bigifigure is packaged in a resealable bag that is numbered. The first bigifigure bag available includes either Adam Armor, Robbie Rocket, Mia Magic or Olive Healer. Collect all 4 while supplies last!
Each ARMOblox bigifigure bag has a total of at least 14 parts!  Also included, is a removeable sticker sheet that is the most high quality removeable stickers we could find on the planet! 
In this one bag (Robbie Rocket shown here) you can create any of these 3 looks for Robbie Rocket! 
Collect all 4 of the  first release! the

Bio of the ARMO-team:

Created by an Architect that wanted to create more than just houses and buildings. This Architect set out to re-design the basic toy building block. After years of playing with the design, the magical piece that everything would be based on was finally created… the omni-connector! After creating the omni-connector many other designs began falling into place, including this new figure. These figures soon became known as the ARMOblox bigifigures. After trying to launch this new product into the world, ARMOblox (the pieces) and the ARMOblox bigifigure (the toy figures) was not originally accepted and was placed on the shelf to collect dust. Many years later the Architect’s child got the pieces out that were shelved and began playing with them among other toys. And as we all know, when we go to sleep, toys come to life. The ARMOblox bigifigure when amongst the other toys was again not accepted, due to its similarities but thicker appearance. To survive these encounters, the figure decided to reproduce by finding the Architect’s 3d printer that had been used to create the originals. This figure created 3 allies whereas the 4 would become known as the ARMO-team. Each took on a letter of the ARMO name. Adam Armor, Robbie Rocket, Mia Magic, and Olive Healer were created and soon began to defend their DNA and continue to produce ARMOblox. Each character of the ARMO-team has their own specific traits that together make them an unstoppable force of fun!
Bio of Adam Armor:

The original ARMO super figure. He began his superhero career after finding out he was different than all the other toy figures and was not accepted into their click. As all bigifigures are now, Adam was created as a larger format to the typical minifigures everyone was used to playing with. Adam through his knowledge and sense of survival figured out how to recreate his DNA (he found the Architect’s SD card that had all the design files on it that went into the 3d printer). Adam created himself with an invincible Armor (really just a different type of plastic) and is known to be able to take a bullet (nerf) without being phased. Adam is known as the Godfather of ARMOblox as he was the original bigifigure that created the rest of the ARMO-team.


Futuristic Armor, Intelligent with good judgement, Leadership capabilities
Bio of Robbie Rocket:

Robbie Rocket is Adam Armor’s main sidekick. Robbie has super-fast speed and is an inventor. He doesn’t always take the time to analyze his inventions and sometimes this backfires on him, as Robbie is always quick at everything he does. His inventions usually involve things to make him even more fast, and have included rockets on his feet, wings to help him fly from one area to another, and roller shoes. Whereas Adam is more of the brains of the operation; Robbie is the fast-going, get-it-done, funny guy that often makes mistakes, but Adam is happy to have him as his sidekick.


Super-fast speed, Rocket thrust acceleration, Funny
Bio of Mia Magic:

Mia is a master of her trade. She is always playing with magic, which proves to be useful when the ARMO-team gets themselves into sticky situations. She has a way of creating diversions so that the team can escape. As with magic, she is always thinking ahead and analyzing the situation so that when the time comes, she can divert and magically get the ARMO-team to safety.


Magic, Smoke and mirrors, one-step ahead mentality

Bio of Olive Healer:

Olive Healer is a quiet, sweet member of the ARMO-team. Olive has been born with healing powers and often must use her powers to put the team back together after their adventures, both physically and emotionally. She is compassionate with both her own figures and creations, as well as all toys. She unifies all toys together for the common goal of bringing joy and entertainment to all.


Healing powers, unifies toys


The new fig on the block

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