3 awesome new block types + your imagination = endless possibilities!
These blocks allow you to build like never before! You will be able to build in any direction; and finish your masterpiece with smooth finish blocks! ​
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The new way to play!

ARMOblox is designed with 3 major improvements over your typical construction toys:

       Build in any direction 
Smooth finish pieces for all sides
Passageways built into the pieces
With your existing bricks, you can only build in one direction, up. With ARMOblox you will be able to build in any direction, all six sides!​​
After you have completed your masterpiece, ARMOblox has created smooth finish pieces so that you can make your creation actually look finished!
ARMOblox has designed passageways into the pieces so you can add wiring, structural rods, led lights, rope, or whatever else you think of placing through the passageways!

And... we are fully compatible with your existing toy bricks!
We make your old toy bricks even more awesome!

Package Design​​
and Contents
ARMOblox is currently sold in 3 sizes: Small (150 blocks), medium (300 blocks), and large (450 blocks). All of our boxes are roll end tuck front style that lock in the front for storage of your pieces. The medium and the large boxes also have a handle for carrying.

Thank you for your support as we bring ARMOblox to life!

Hi! My name is Josh Davis and I created ARMOblox. I am an Architect that loves to design, and I wanted to use my design skills to create something other than buildings. I wanted to design a product, and what better product to design than a construction toy!?!
I wanted to create a toy that was compatible with the awesome bricks of my childhood (and adulthood too okay), but could also do more and allow you to build in different ways, much like you would build in Minecraft. It was through this dream, and many drawings later, that ARMOblox was born!